Standard Numerical Library (SNL)
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The Standard Numerical Library (SNL) is a numerical analysis library for C++ programmers. The library consists of two main functional components: Type-parametrized data structure classes (based on templates) and numerical algorithms to be used on these data structures. SNL is mainly being developed on Windows, but it is portable across all platforms which support the ANSI-compliant C++ language and STL.

A brief summary of SNL modules and their development status can be found in the Modules section.

Project Status
SNL | Main
We are currently working on the Linear Algebra routines. The current codebase contains some essential mathematical data types such as vectors, matrics, and quaternions, which are fully functional.
SNL | Www
The first draft has been staged on this site.
To-Do List
SNL | Main
  • Optimize matrix implementations.
  • Add template specializations for matrices and quaternions.
  • ...
SNL | Www
  • Lots of things...